Anyone with covid-19 symptoms can now be tested, but call your doctor first

Following the recomendation of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, anyone can now be tested if you have covid-19 symptoms.

The most common symptoms for covid-19 are a new cough, fever and/or breathing difficulties.

If you have mild symptoms you should stay at home for at least 2 days. If your symptoms are getting worse, please contact your doctor (fastlegen). In the evenings and on weekends please call the emergency room (legevakten) phone: 116 117.

In order not to infect others, it is important that you call first and not just show up.

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, do not go to work, school or kindergarden.

If you are seriously ill, you still need to contact your doctor or the emergency room for health care.

The new emercency room in Klepp for people in Klepp, Time, Hå, Gjesdal and Sandnes, have capasity to test more people in the near future. All municipalities are working close together in order to increase staff for the time to come.

It could take up to three days before the testresult is ready.