Returning to a safe school 

On Monday 27th of April we wish all pupils in 1st  - 4th grade a hearty welcome back to school.

Here they will be met by well prepared employees who are looking forward to seeing all the pupils.

The national guidelines are good and specific. There will be a lot of schooling outdoors, and the schools have made good plans. The pupils will have a good offer of learning, although the days will not be as before, says Pamela Sudman, Head of School in Time.

In school there will be a special focus on the following:

  •  washing of hands and teaching good routines for hand wash
  •  good cleaning
  •  washing of all equipment, e.g tablets
  •  being outdoors with the pupils more than usual, in ordinary classes and in SFO
  •  teaching and gatherings in smaller groups
  •  keeping distance.

It is important that parents follow up
The schools are working closely with the Local Medical Officers in Jæren in connection  with the reopening.

Recent investigations in the Nordic countries show that children are considerably less infected than adults. Island has tested a large portion of the population and no cases among children between the ages of 0 to 9 were found, says Gerd Signy Solberg Omland, Local Medical Officer.

Worldwide there is no reported cases of an outbreak among children in kindergartens and schools, not even in the countries where kindergartens and schools have been open.
Schools make good arenas for knowledge and help in following hygiene guidelines.
It is important that parents help to follow the guidelines we have been given. This is the advice from the Local Medical

The four municipalities Time, Klepp, Hå and Gjesdal are working well together on the reopening of schools.

We are looking forward to welcoming the pupils. The school day will be somewhat different, but everyone working at the schools will take care to see that the pupils are fine, says Head of School in Hå, Trond Egil Sunde.

Schools are gradually reopening. The pupils and guardians have been well informed about knowledge and guidelines for prevention of infection. It is safe for children to return and for employees to go back to work, says Jan Harald Forsmo, Head of School in Klepp.

The pupils will be welcomed outdoors, and we ask that parents do not enter the school building.
Children or adults who do not feel well should stay at home, says Hilde Siira, Head of School in Gjesdal.

Further information about the reopening will be given by each school.