Welcome back to safe and caring kindergartens

Monday kindergartens in Klepp, Time and Hå will reopen

Before Easter the government notified that kindergartens in Norway could reopen again on the 20th of April after having been closed since Thursday March 12th. Wednesday we received the national guidelines for how kindergartens should
prepare for infection control in the time ahead.

A safe reopening

The next coming days the employees at the kindergartens in Klepp, Time and Hå will
familiarize themselves with the professional recommendations and make sure that it will be safe and pleasant for all the children returning to their kindergartens.

We are looking forward to welcoming the children again and are well prepared. It is important for all the children to meet their playmates, and that we all gradually get back to normal, says Anne-Jorunn Bjørkum Leigvold, Head of Municipal Affairs for children and the young in Klepp

We follow the national guidelines, and we have a good dialogue with the local medical officer on how to handle this. I am sure we will handle this in a good way ads Eskil Nygaard, Head of Municipal Affairs childhood in Time

Solid work has been done so the transition from home to kindergarten will be as safe as possible. Infection Control has high priority and leads to changes. The well known
daily routines of kindergartens must therefore change -  hand wash often and thoroughly, saying byebyes to mum/dad outside, fewer toys and fewer children in small play groups with permanent employees, Hildegunn Sørfonn Husveg, Head of Kindergartens in Hå, underlines

Low infection rate amongst children

The Local Medical Officers in Klepp, Time and Hå refer to the Norwegian Paediatrician
Society who agree on the importance of reopening  kindergartens and schools with development, caring and learning in mind.

Recent investigations in the Nordic countries show that children are considerably less infected than adults. Island has tested a large portion of the population and no cases among children between the ages of 0 to 9 were found. This is in accordance with international findings, says The Local Medical Officer Øystein Fjetland Øgaard in Time.

Worlwide there is no reported cases of an outbreak among children in kindergartens or schools, not even in the countries where kindergartens and schools have been open.
When in addition we have a low spread of infection in Norway, it will be safe for almost all children to enter kindergartens or schools, says Øgaard.


Children and adults who are ill, must stay at home.  The risk for infection will then be very low.

We will return with information for guardians about opening hours and possible other changes in the time ahead.