Everyone with a recent respiratory infection is now able to be tested for Covid-19.

The testing is done at the respiratory emergency room at Kleppe. For a review of testing call

  • your Family doctor (fastlege) during daytime
  • the emergency room (telephone 116 117) after office hours/and during the weekend
  • Visitors in Time with the need for testing must call the emergency room (legevakten) at 116 117

Do not turn up without an appointment.

Children under 10 years old with mild symptoms should stay at home and wait and see for 2 days. If the symptoms persist, you should make contact for a review of testing.

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should not go to work, school or kindergarten. Children with a runny nose as the only symptom and otherwise in good health without any other signs of recent respiratory infection need not stay at home or be tested.

Any questions?

If you are in good health and have questions about the Corona virus please call the information line at the Health Directorate - telephone 815 55 015